Paracord With Purpose
Adventurer Escapes Near Death Using Paracord
How 8 feet of paracord saved a man's life. Here's the story...
Somewhere in Alaska...
"My husband, Troy, and his co-worker/friend, Eric, are Supervisors for a Gold Mine in Alaska. 

Part of their job is to hike into the wilderness to stake new claims and test new equipment. 

Back in April, they had to hike several miles, over mountain ridges and through the Alaskan Wilderness in an attempt to capture a cell signal to bounce back to camp. 

There was only one pair of modern snowshoes, so they took the antique pair off of the lodge wall for Eric to use. 

Several miles into their hike, the bottom of Eric’s snow shoes fell apart.

Turning around and trying to trudge back through the 4-inch-plus deep snow without the shoes was NOT an option. 

Troy knew he had to do something, so he sacrificed his Survival Strap(paracord bracelet) to use, along with branches from the trees, to fix the snowshoes. 

Because of the paracord, they were able to fashion a makeshift bottom to the shoe, continue their work and complete the hike back to camp!"
Casey from Jacksonville, Florida
Currituck, North Carolina...
"Hello my name is Adrienne Wimmer and my husband and I purchased the bracelet. 

As a medic it was an extra tool for me.

Unfortunately I had to use it this 4th of July.

We live in Currituck, North Carolina on the water.

We had a horrible storm come through a few days before blowing debris all over. 

On July 4th we were swimming and jetskiing and tubing when my 13 year old daughter Alexis stepped on something very sharp. 

It ended up being a huge log weighing well over 200lbs! 

The adults and my daughter were floating it up to remove it when it slipped and pinned her lower leg under the water. 

She started to panic and was screaming so I undid my strap and made a loop and tied a knot slipped it around the end of the logg and she was free.

Without this things could have been very bad and she could have been seriously hurt. 

Thank god I had this."
Adrienne Wimmer

Styles and Colors for any situation

We can make any style, any pattern you want in a variety of colors

Made In America

Warrior Braids are made in Lexington, Kentucky, USA from materials made in the USA

Rugged, Life Saving Strength

Warrior Braids are hand constructed of genuine military grade 550 paracord, capable of lifting 300 pounds!

Support Our Veterans

For every Warrior Braid you purchase, will give 10% to "The Mission Continues".
10 Ways Paracord Could Save Your Life
  • Use for ties to make a shelter
  • Use as fishing line 
  • As a snare to trap food
  • Use as a strap 
  • Make a tourniquet
  • Mark a trail
  • Repair a backpack
  • Strap a water bottle to your bike
  • Use as dental floss 
  • Replace a broken shoelace
"The Mission Continues" is veterans who have come home and are now serving the community. We give 10% of every purchase to "The Mission Continues"
How To Choose Your Colors and Style
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Hi, my name is Alex Dyson. I am 16. I first learned how to make paracord bracelets in the cub scouts. Later, I figured out that many of my friends liked to have their own style and color of paracord bracelet. I also learned of the life saving power of military grade 500 paracord. Now, I hand make top quality paracord bracelets to pay for my band and Lacrosse trips and to support "The Mission Continues", a veteran charity. I hope you enjoy your paracord bracelet. It may help you out of a jam someday.
All the best,
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